The country of Gabon and the state of Oregon are ideal partners in the field of forestry research. Both are home to large, wild tracts of forest land; approximately 85% of Gabon's territory is forested, and Oregon boasts some of the country's most lush and verdant forests. Visionary leaders and researchers are pushing for development and economic growth without sacrificing our rich natural environment. Read more to find out what we are doing to protect our forests.

Harmful Insects and Diseases

Monitoring and Control of Harmful Insects and Diseases

The Gabon-Oregon Center supports forestry initiatives and collaboration between researchers in Gabon and Oregon. A team of foresters from the National School of Forestry in Gabon (Ecole National des Eaux et ForĂȘts - ENEF) designed a study to understand the key problems caused by insects in one of Gabon's forests, the Classified Mondah Forest. The goal is to determine the main harmful insects and their associated diseases, the extent of the damage, the age of the host trees and the economic repercussions of the insects.