Among the top priorities of the Gabonese Government is English language learning in the country. The Center has partnered with the renowned UO-based American English Institute (AEI) to bring innovative teaching techniques and computer-based language learning tools to advance English language learning in Gabon. In particular, we are interested in helping scholars improve their academic English for study and work with Anglophone universities and publishing in English academic journals, as well as increasing the English skills of professionals in Gabon.

English Language Program

English Language Program in Gabon

The UO is particularly qualified to assist Gabon with the development of in-country English language programs. The American English Institute (AEI) has offered distance learning courses and programs to educators and students worldwide since 1996. Currently, AEI provides English training services for the U.S. Department of State as well as the Bureau of Education and the Cultural Affairs E-Teacher Scholarship Program, offering innovative online, graduate-level courses to English teaching professionals across the globe. In conjunction with U.S.