From ecosystem health to the protection of wildlife, the Gabon-Oregon Center supports a wide range of projects with the goal of fulfilling its mission to conserve and protect the natural environment. Experts in Oregon and Gabon are teaming up to develop joint research in the field of environmental conservation. Read more to find out what is happening in this exciting area.

Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns and Disease Transmission

A team of anthropologists received funding from the Gabon-Oregon Center to study primates and elephants in Gabon. The UO's Dr. Nelson Ting and the Smithsonian Institution's Dr. Mireille Johnson will look at disease transmission and migration patterns among elephants and gorillas in Gabon using genetics.

Ogooué River Basin Sustainable Management Program

This project is a collaboration with The Nature Conservancy's Great Rivers Partnership: ecosystem health assessment, remediation of impacts, capacity building and long-term sustainable development.