The Center's mission is to develop collaborative research, education, and public outreach partnerships that link scholars, students, and professionals in Gabon and Oregon (along with other U.S. and global partners) in order to address the urgent sustainable development challenges and opportunities facing both Gabon, and through comparative analysis, societies that confront or have addressed similar challenges. The Center fosters new forms of mutual learning between collaborators from the North and the South, applying scientific understanding, training, and public service to global-scale sustainable development challenges, while maintaining a local focus on the advancement of human well-being for the citizens of Gabon and Oregon, and of other communities that may participate in our various partnerships.

Gabon is working to modernize its economy, achieve greater sustainability in its development activities, expand social justice, sharpen its focus on environmental conservation and public health, all to increase the quality of life in Gabon.

The University of Oregon is an ideal partner for Gabon: the UO is one of the world’s leaders in research and teaching on sustainable development, environmental conservation, and green business. The UO is also the hub of the five-campus Oregon African Studies Consortium, incorporating world-class schools of forestry, agriculture, and engineering; a top medical school with a strong focus on global health; and centers of excellence in African immigration, nursing, business, biology, and teacher training.


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