Nine Gabonese students came to work in Oregon

The nine students from UOB

June was an extremely productive month for the Gabon-Oregon Center. From June 9-13, professors and five students from the Urban Design Lab who are working under the auspices of the Gabon-Oregon Center's Urban Sustainability Program returned to Gabon in order to organize a second workshop at Omar Bongo University (UOB) to refine the Master Plan for the UOB campus.


June Workshop Announcement


The Gabon-Oregon Transnational Research Center on Environment and Development is pleased to announce the second part of a three-part series of workshops on the Master Plan for Omar Bongo University (UOB). It is organized under the Urban Sustainability Program of the Gabon-Oregon Center.


Tropical Worm Taxonomy and Soil Diversity Uncovered in Gabon

Over the past year, University of Oregon Professor Brendan Bohannan, PhD student Kyle Meyer and Gabonese scientist Dr. Patricks Voua Otomo have been working together with a team to study the microbial biodiversity of tropical soil in the Gabonese rainforests. This research is one of many projects sponsored by the Gabon-Oregon Transnational Research Center on Environment and Development. It consists of sampling soil in various landscapes to understand the effects and changes on the soil by agricultural management and human impact.


UOB Geography Professors Visit the UO

UOB Professors visit the UO Infographics Lab

Four Gabonese Geography Professors Visiting the UO's Infographics Lab


In April the Gabon-Oregon Center had the pleasure of welcoming four professors from Université Omar Bongo to Oregon.  The visit, led by Zoe Anton, Program Manager of GOC's Urban Sustainability Program, was productive and opened many opportunities for current and future collaborations and projects.